It’s no secret that tech skills are in high demand—and high-paying tech gigs are only projected to grow in the coming years. Do you have a New Year’s resolution to up your coding game and earning potential? Here are several sites that will help you learn to code for free.

1. Udacity-Google Partnership

Udacity recently partnered with Google to offer a new scholarship program for up to 50,000 folks across the United States. The scholarship program is open to U.S. residents interested in growing their web and mobile development skills online. Apply for the scholarship program by December 31, 2017. Learn more here:

2. Codecademy

The demand for coding skills is growing and playing a bigger role in almost every career path. To help job seekers gain these valuable tech skills, Codecademy provides users with introductory online courses to help them to learn to code interactively, for free. Explore courses in web development, programming, data science, frameworks and design. Learn more here:

3. W3Schools

W3Schools is a popular site for learning coding languages online. The educational platform includes tutorials and references for HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, AngularJS, SQL, Bootstrap, Node.js, and jQuery. Learn more here:

4. Free Code Camp

Launched in 2014, Free Code Camp is a nonprofit organization that offers an interactive learning web platform, community forum, chat rooms and more to make learning web development accessible to anyone. Learn more here:

5. Udemy is an online learning platform that provides a platform for experts of any kind to share their knowledge and skills with online videos and tutorials. Explore the site for free and low-cost online courses in web development and beginner coding. Learn more here: